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Do you ever wonder what a mortgage broker can do for you? I can help you with your home purchase (first-time buyers), refinancing your existing mortgage to pay down debt or find money for that home renovation, renew your mortgage, or even help you purchase investment properties!

About Me

As a Licensed Mortgage Broker with the Number One Mortgage Company in Canada, I have access to many different Financial Institutions including Main Street Banks, Credit Unions, Mono-Line and Private Lenders.

I have over 28 years’ experience in the Financial Industry including Private Banking, Wealth Management, Risk Management, Financial Planning and Complex Mortgage Finance.

Applying is Easy!

Applying for a mortgage whether it’s a purchase, a refinance, or a renewal doesn’t have to be a headache! I will help you every step of the way and my 28+ years in the industry has allowed me to learn the ins and outs of getting your approval quickly and painlessly. Call me to chat with any questions you might have!

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We have used Tracey again July 2018, which speaks volumes, as we only go back to people who give fantastic service! Tracey is very professional mortgage broker with many years experience! I have no doubt in recommending Tracey to anyone wanting to get a mortgage!
Steve Hobbs
I had a more difficult mortgage to deal with and Tracey was amazing and kept me on track so I didn’t panic. She was able to get me lower rates than the big banks were offering and made my payments for both houses manageable. I highly recommend her.
Nicole Lurz
Tracey has been an advocate and a huge help throughout, she is always there to guide you. She is invaluable to your purchase, and really you should not bother even talking to anyone else, they will not get you a better rate or treat your better than Tracey. They need to clone her.
Natasha S